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Business Industry Capital
Daily on-line issue for financial, industrial and corporate news of Bulgarian Industrial Association

The electronic issue Business Industry Capital of Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA) provides daily to its subscribers economic review of the Bulgarian press digest, main economic parameters, exchange quotes, actual information for the privatization processes, full information for the initiatives of BIA. The main point is it to become a complete assistant for the execution of the successful business, for creation of new contacts with proper partners, for supporting the companies in the solution of current problems.

The issue is circulated in English and Bulgarian by e-mail to over 30000 Bulgarian companies, state-owned and municipal institutions, non-government organizations in Bulgaria and nearly 3000 interested entities abroad - trade representatives, investment companies and analyzers.

Business Industry Capital was first issued on 15.09.1999. The issue is registered with ISSN code ISSN 1311-364X

Publisher of Business Industry Capital is Bourse Information Company Capital Market Ltd. - an affiliate of Bulgarian Industrial Association. The company is specialized in providing business information and maintains Bulgarian Enterprises Information System (BEIS)

The team of "Business Industry Capital" is working for your successful business.

Business Industry Capital

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Business Industry Capital

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