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The dragon houses

In 2003 a team of archaeologist found near the village of Belevren, Malko Tarnovo Region, a fully preserved, untouched by treasure-hunters 10-meter megalithic construction and later fifteen human skeletons were dug out of there. The peculiar mausoleum is built from perfectly fitting to each other rock pieces. Several dozens of similar finds have been discovered in Bulgaria so far, however, this is the first preserved in its original condition through the centuries – the construction itself, as well as the items found in it, are from the times before the Trojan War. It was them that helped archaeologist define the date precisely – the ancient builders have constructed the tomb in 13th century B.C. Local people call the area Zmeyovi kashti (The dragon houses). Legends tell us that once they were inhabited by winged giants who abducted beautiful girls. Even now you can find storytellers who will swear they have seen a real wood-nymph ring dance winding around the mystic rocks. Until a few hundreds of years such dolmens could be found all around Europe and North Africa. Nowadays only few have been preserved – in Bulgaria and Caucasus. A lot of them have been destroyed just to be used as construction materials.

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