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Borovo Silver Treasure

The Borovo Silver Treasure was discovered by change in late December 1974 by a tractor-driver, who was working on the Belene hill, near Borovo. A total of five luxurious drinking vessels, made of gold-gilted silver, were found: three rhytons, ending in the protomes of a horse, a bull and a sphinx; one two-handled bowl in the center of which a deer attacked by a griffin is depicted in relief; and one richly ornamented silver jugglet, with two bands in relief depicting scenes connected with the cult of Dionysus. On two of the rhytons, inscription in Greek letters were found, connecting the treasure to the Odryssaean king Kotys I, who reigned the Odrysseaean Kingdom from 383 to 359 BC. The vessels are thought to have been made in the town of Beos, located on the shore of the Marble Sea, in Southeastern Thracia. Later on, further archeological excavations were made at the spot, where the treasure was found, revealing there were no buildings or tombs nearby, which made specialists conclude the treasure had most probably been hidden. Some scientists believe the Rogozen and Borovo treasures are a part of one big royal treasure, whose owner was forced to hide it. He buried most of it near Rogozen, but kept the rhytons (the royal vessels). Later on, he was forced to bury them too near Borovo. The treasure is dated to IV century BC.

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