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The resort village Chiflik is situated at the most upper course of the Beli Osam River, at the altitude of 750 m, at the foot of Middle Balkan, at the territory of Troyan Municipality. It raises some 160 km northeastern from Sofia, and 15 km southwestern from Troyan. The nature here is extraordinary beautiful, with alpine character. Some natural phenomena, part of the Central Balkan National Park are situated here. The winter here is mild, and the summer – cool, and the air – crystal clear. Close to the village of Chiflik, there is a thermal spring with hot water of 52°C, having quite valuable healing qualities. By structure, it resembles the mineral water of the springs in Gorna Bania, Bankia, Hissar, Momina Cheshma, and Varshets, and may be used for healing a number of diseases.

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