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Penio Penev

Penio Penev is Bulgarian poet, born on May 7, 1930 in the village of Dobromirka, Sevlievo district. Yet in the third grade he started writing poems. Later he moved to Sofia. In 1946 the youth construction team-works were formed and Penio Penev harldy waited the end of study in 1946/47 and joined the construction of the Lovech-Troyan railway, declared a youth’s facility. There he met Asen Bosev (Bulgarian writer), who introduced him to Elin Pelin (Bulgarian master of short story) in 1948. The construction sites became the second home of the poet. He worked for the construction of Rositsa dam lake, and from 1949 his life was entirely devoted to the construction of Dimitrovgrad. He loved the new town and there he spent his best years and wrote the most of his works, there he committed suicide and there he wished to be buried. In the period 1949-1954 a number of the poems of Penio Penev were included in literature collection. In 1954 he wrote the greatest part of his humor and satire works. In the beginning of 1959 he came back to Dimitrovgrad, deeply hurt by the life and the misunderstanding he faced in the capital. On April 27, 1959 he took a lethal doze of barbital.

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