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St. Georgi Church

St. Georgi Church is the oldest Orthodox Church in the city of Dobrich. It was built with contributions provided by patriotic Bulgarians.The church was built in 1843 but during the Krim war (1853 - 1856) it was burned down. It was later on rebuilt in 1864, says father Stoyan Dimov. He believes that the antechamber was built later. The church was decorated in 1889 during Bishop Simeon’s stay and he sanctified the holy place. The time when the church tower was built remains unknown. Over the years Church St. Georgi was partially renovated several times. The last renovations of four holy icons was completed in 2000. Currently some discussions about Church’s façade renovation are in progress. St Georgi Church is just 12 m. high as its construction had to follow the Turkish administration’s regulations that said that all orthodox churches have to be lower than the Islamic mosques. Nobody remembers why the city nobles have chosen to name the church after St. Georgi the Conqueror but it is believed that the reason is because the locals were suppressed by the Ottoman Empire during that time and they considered St. Georgi as their Savior.

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