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Evrenozovo Tomb

In 2003, in a big necropolis in the Bakaren Izvor district near the village of Evrenozovo, Malko Tarnovo region, an interesting vaulted tomb of the Roman Age or the beginning of 4th century was found. It is located within the borders of the Thracian necropolis where in the 70s of the past century a few dolmens were documented. The stone tomb is situated in a mound having half-cylindrical vault of the chamber and an imposing façade. The skeletons of 14 buried men were found during the diggings. Traditionally gifts were left in front of the dolmen. The archeologists however found only one goblet left for all. Close to the tomb there is a dolmen dated back to 10-9th century BC, which is over one millennium older that the other monument.

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