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The mound near the village of Svirachi

The mound near the village of Svirachi (Ivailovgrad district, southern Bulgaria) is a unique monument of the Bulgarian cultural and historic inheritance having an original stone construction and an interesting funeral belongings and gifts with high architectural and arts historical value. The antique necropolis is just 1 km to the southeast of the antique villa Armira and is situated at the highest point in the district. The place was chosen in a way to stand out and has a perfect visibility and being as close as possible to the gods. It was built as a tomb during one of the first owners of the Armira villa was still alive, and almost a century later it was used as a family tomb by another member of this aristocratic Thracian family. The Big Mound is one of the most impressive tombs in Bulgaria and is a big heap having a right dome-like form (diameter of 60m and original height of 18-20m), tightened in a robust ring of a unique stone construction which protects the sacred space from the external world.

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