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The Three Petrified Brothers

North of the town of Aytos the nature has sculptured an amazing form, known as the Three Petrified Brothers. The legend of the rocks, which resemble three giants, has been told since high antiquity. They were three brothers – warriors who protected and fought for the suppressed Bulgarians. In the evenings, when they came back from the battlefield, the brothers turned into rocks so they could hide from their enemies and have a rest. This happened after each battle. When the wars were over, the three brothers came and stopped to rest here again. They are still standing here ready to defend the Bulgarians if they have to. The three brothers are surrounded by scenery reminding too much of a rocky desert. Here grows the Aytos Astragalus (Astragalus aitosensis), also known as genger. The genger was described for the first time in 1888. Later studies showed that the spiny bush was an endemic species for Bulgaria. Now, the genger is included in the list of the endangered plants in Bulgaria. The Three Brothers and Kazanite districts near the town of Aytos where it grows were declared natural landmarks and the Astragalus aitosensis was included in the list of the rare, endangered and endemic plants in Europe in the rare category.

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