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Halka Bunar Thracian Centre

The remains of the Thracian Centre near Halka Bunar were found on a low slant terrace, located in direct proximity north of the karst spring of the same name, in the area of Gorno Belevo village, Stara Zagora region. In Roman times, a thick wall surrounded the spring from all sides. There is information proving that the wall existed as early as the pre-Roman era.
The site was registered in 1999 during regular terrain visitations. A big ditch dug by treasure hunters, as well as more than 600 smaller holes, made visible the remains of a Thracian sanctuary of significant size and dense concentration of archeological materials. Many ceramic fragments and other finds were uncovered in the earth left after the digging. One of these finds is extremely precious – a fragment of a gray vessel, with a graffiti in Greek on it, most probably a part of the name of a Thracian king (Amatok or Satok). The graffiti has been dated from end-IV – early III century BC.

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