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Thracian Tomb of Sveshtari

Sveshtari Village is situated in the Sboryanovo reserve in the north-eastern part of Bulgaria. A Thracian tomb was discovered there in 1982 during excavations of a sepulchral mound. In approximation, it dates back to first half of the 3rd century BC It consists of three chambers - an entrance chamber and two antechambers, covered by a mound. The central camera of the vault is rich in decoration - it is designed as a facade of a temple with the image of a horseman, being bestowed with a golden wreath by a goddess, and a religious procession; on three of the walls - a high relief with 10 stone statues of clad women figures. The funeral rites, the building technique, the architectural design and the decoration, distinguished for Hellenistic models, provide evidence that a Thracian ruler has been buried there. The Sveshtari Tomb was included in Unesco's World Heritage List in 1985.

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