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Thracian tomb of Kazanlak

Discovered in 1944, this tomb dates from the Hellenistic period, around the end of the 4th century B.C. It is located in the romantic Valley of Roses, near the town of Kazanluk, and comprises three rooms built of brick – a lobby, a corridor and a dome. Scene of war are shown a central theme, on both sides of which one may see two warriors with their battle attire and weapons. The focal point is the main composition, which describes feast as a foreground to the military and political activities of the deceased. It is there that one may see a married couple of obvious eminence, painted with great skill and care. Numerous figures of wildly galloping horses and battle carts add to the depth of the scene. The dromos and funerary chamber are decorated with frescoes, representing in particular a funeral banquet. The wall paintings by an unknown artist, mainly in red, black, white and green, show a genuine talent which is relatively free of the Greek influence. The Kazanluk tomb is one of the 9 cultural and historical sites in Bulgaria included in the UNESCO list of historical and architectural monuments of global importance. It is also the only monument, completely preserved from the Early Hellenistic Period (4-3 century B.C.).

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