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Orlova Chuka cave

The Orlova Chuka cave is located on the left shore of the Cherni Lom river, near the village of Pepelina, Rousse region. It is the second longest cave in Bulgaria (13 438 m in length), representing a complex labyrinth of interweaving galleries, tunnels, abysses, big and small halls. It was discovered by chance in 1941, and utilized in 1961. In 1963, it was declared a natural monument. Its name comes from the rock eagles, which nest in the rock rings near the cave. A group of speleologists discovered skeletons of two huge cave bears and three little bears in the bays of the cave. Some other findings include a flint knife, scrapers, spear points and remains of clay vessels, as well as some stone tools, which makes scientists believe that the part of the cave near its entrance was inhabited by man in the stone age, more than 40 000 – 2000 years ago.

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