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Kabile national archeological reserve

The national archeological reserve of Kabile is situated 8 km northwest of the town of Yambol. It appeared in the end of the II millennium B.C. In 341 B.C. it was conquered by the Macedonian king Philip II, and it is known that sometime later the most famous commander of all times – Alexander III The Great of Macedonia, visited the place. In the first half of the III century B.C. Kabile was residence of the Thracian kings Spartok and Skostok. In the middle of the III century B.C. the king rule in Kabile was replaced by civil governance. In III – II century B.C. the town was the only one in Inner Thrace which had its own mint, where king and civil emissions were minted. In 72/71 B.C. Kabile was conquered by the Romans, and in 45 it became a part of the Roman province of Thrace. In 378 Kabile was conquered by the Goths . Around the end of the VI century it was destroyed by the Barbarians and stopped existing. In 1965, the territory, on which the antique town of Kabile was situated, was declared a protected area, a monument of culture of natioal significance and a national archeological and architectural reserve.

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