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Saeva Dupka Cave

The Saeva Dupka (Saeva hole) cave is located near the village of Brestnitza, some 10 km west of the town of Yablanitza, in one of Bulgaria’s biggest Karst regions. It was declared a natural monument in 1963. It is situated 520 m above sea level, it is 400 m long, and the temperature in it is constant all through the year (it varies between 7 and 11 degrees). According to specialists, there is no other cave in Bulgaria, where on such a small area such a rich variety of cave formations could be found. Each of the many halls inside the cave has its own name: The Harman (the Threshing Floor), which is distinctive for its marvelous acoustics; the Cosmos, where the Karst formation amazingly resemble flying off rockets; The White Castle, etc. The cave has been named after the two brothers Sae and Seyu, who came here to hide from the Turks during the Turkish yoke. When it was restored, scientists found in it animal bones, clay vessels, coins, dating back from the time of the Roman emperor Antonius.

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