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Raisko Praskalo waterfall

The Raisko Praskalo waterfall (“raiski” in Bulgarian language means “heavenly”, and “Praskalo” means a place, where water sprinkles), is located in the Jendema natural reserve. The name of the reserve comes from the Turkish word “jendem” which means “hell”, though it is a true paradise for its numerous inhabitants – wolves, bears, deers, wild goats, eagles, etc. The reserve covers the area between the Botev and Ravnetz summons in the Stara Planina mountain, as well as the upper stream of the Tundja river and the gorge of the Tuzha river. It is one of the hardest to access Bulgarian natural reserves. “Raiskoto Praskalo” is the highest waterfall not only on the territory of Bulgaria, but also on the whole Balkan peninsula (125 m). It can only be reached on foot. The walk to it usually takes some 4 hours starting from Panitzite near Kalofer. The waterfall springs almost from the very Botev summit.

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