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Nicola Obretenov (1849 -1939)

Nicola Obretenov was born on May 28, 1849 in Ruse, in the family of Tycho and Tonka Obretenovi. Nicola’s insurgency began in his high school years, when in 1863 he participated in the expulsion of the Greek bishop Sinesiy from Ruse. He participated in the work of the Bulgarian Central Revolutionary Committee in 1871. In 1875 he actively participated in organizing and conducting the uprising of Stara Zagora, which failed. Nikola escaped in Romania and set out to help the organization of the April uprising. The earlier announcement of the uprising found Nicola Obretenov in Romania, where he was obataining weapons for men. On May 17, 1876 with the detachment led by Hristo Botev, he arrived from the steamship Radetzky on the Kozloduy shore, taking part in all the battles of the detachment. He became a direct witness of the death of Hristo Botev on May 20, 1876. After his capture he was exiled to Saint Jean d'Acre fortress. Released under capitulations to the San Stefano peace treaty in 1878 he returned to Bulgaria. Nicola Obretenov actively participated in the construction of modern Bulgaria. He became a member of the Liberal, and later in the people's liberal Party, continuing hisv cooperation with Stefan Stambolov. In 1907 he was elected a public representative and Mayor of Ruse. At the age of 90 he died on October 10, 1939 in Ruse, a few days before the official celebration of the anniversary of his Ruse citizenship. (Photo:

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