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Princess Eudoxia

Princess Eudoxia (Eudoxia Augusta Philippine Clementine Maria) was born on January 17, 1898. Daughter of King Ferdinand I and Queen Maria Luisa, sister of Tsar Boris III and Prince Cyril and sister-in-law of Queen Giovanna of Savoy. She is from the Saxe-Coburg and Gotha house. When Ferdinand I abdicates, she and her sister Princess Hope leave with him in Coburg. The two princesses returned to Bulgaria in 1922. Princess Eudoxia is a talented artist and Maecenas. She designs and manufactures combat flags for divisions and regiments of the Bulgarian royal army. She is arrested after the arrival of the communist regime and for many months she is subjected to torturous interrogation and humiliation that undermine her health. In 1946 she makes generous donations of costumes, embroidery and jewelery to the Ethnographic Museum before being expelled from the country along with other surviving members of the royal family. She dies of old age on October 4, 1985 in a sanatorium on Lake Constance in Germany.

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