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Teodor Teodorov (1859 - 1924)

Teodor Teodorov was Bulgarian politician, leader of the Narodna Partia (People’s Party). He was Prime Minister of Bulgaria in the 38th and 39th government. He was born in the town of Elena on March 27, 1859 in the family of Ivan Teodorov and Ana Radivoeva. From 1874 to 1883 he studied consecutively in the Aprilov High School in Gabrovo and the Nikolaev High School in Russia. In 1883 he graduated at the Faculty of law in the Odessa University. After his return to Bulgaria, he started his career as First Bulgarian Prosecutor in the District Court of Sofia, and later became member of the Court of Appeal in Rousse. In 1886 he took his doctors degree in law in the Paris University. From 1894 to 1896 Teodor Teodorov was chairman of the 8th regular national assembly. From 1896 to 1897 He was appointed to be Minister of Justice (1896-1897) and Minister of Finance (1897-1899) in the government of Konstantin Stoilov. In 1911-1913 Teodor Teodorov was nominated for financial minister in the governments of Ivan Evstatiev Geshov and Stoyan Danev. In 1918-1919 he became Prime Minister of Bulgaria and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Religions. In the summer of 1919 he was leader of the Bulgarian delegation during the negotiations of the Paris Peace Conference. After he had refused to sign the Treaty of Neuilly, Teodor Teodorov gave his resignation as Prime Minister. In 1922 he and many other opposition leaders were imprisoned by Alexander Stamboliyski and Rayko Daskalov. He was released after the coup d’etat on June 9, 1923 and later he joined the Demokraticheski Sgovor (one of the democratic parties in Bulgaria). In 1910 he built his house in Sofia – the famous later “Ruski Klub” (Russian Club). Teodor Teodorov died on August 5, 1924 in Chamkoria (today Borovets).

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