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Angel Karaliichev

Angel Karaliichev – Bulgarian writer and interpreter, known for his stories and children’s books, was born on August 21, 1902 in the town of Strazhitsa, Veliko Tarnovo district. He graduated Chemistry at the Sofia University, then graduated diplomacy at the Free University in Sofia. He worked as an editor in the Kooperativna prosveta (Cooperative Enlightenment) newspaper (1932-1944), Narodna mladezh (People’s Youth) publishing house (1947-1952), Literaturen front (Literature Front) newspaper (1952-1953), Bulgarski pisatel (Bulgarian Writer) publishing house (1952-1969). He started publishing in 1919. He cooperated with Nov pat (New Way), Cherven smiah (Red Laughter), Chernozem (Black Earth) magazines and others. After the well-known rupture of “new-way followers” Karaliichev, along with G. Bakalov, started publishing in 1925 in the magazines Zlatorog (Golden Horned Deer), Bulgaska misal (Bulgarian Thought), Venets (Wreath), Detska radost (Children’s joy), Svetulka (Firefly), Kooperativna prosveta (Cooperative Enlightenment) and others. He wrote stories, travel notes, fairy-tales, as well as the book of stories Razh (Rye) (1925), Zhaltitsi (Gold Coins) (1926), Imane (Treasure) (1927), Srebarna rakoika (Silver wisp) (1935), as well as a number of children’s and youth’s books: Aneto (1938), Toshko Afrikanski (Toshko from Africa), Zhitenata pitka (The Wheat Loaf) (1948). He died on December 14, 1972 in Sofia.

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