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Festival of Dorostol martyrs

Bulgarian Orthodox Church includes in its Church calendar a new holiday- Festival of Dorostol martyrs. It will be celebrated in the third Sunday after Pentecost, after the feast Sunday of All Bulgarian Saints. The idea is generated by the Dorostol Diocese and is confirmed with a decision of Holy Synod. Dorostol (Silistra) gave 21 Christian Martyrs. One of them is Saint Dasius of Dorostol. His relics were brought by Pope John Paul the II during his visit in Bulgaria and are now kept in Silistra Cathedral St. St. Apostles Peter and Paul. In the temple there are relics of other Martyrs of Dorostol. On July the 10, 2016 at the Cathedral St. St. Apostles Peter and Paul the First Catholic service in honor of the 21 Martyrs of Dorostol was celebrated. It was led by Bulgarian Patriarch Neophyte in co-liturgy with Dorostol Bishop Ambrose, members of the Holy Synod and representatives of the Orthodox churches of Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania and Greece. (Photo: BNT)

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