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Architectural and historical reserve Bojentzi

Bojentzi is a small village with 600-year-long history,  situated on the north flanks of the central parts of the Stara Planina mountain, some 15 km east of Gabrovo.  It is one of the few villages in Bulgaria, which have managed to preserve the characteristic look and features of the Bulgarian village from the National Revival period. Many architectural and ethnographic monuments are to be found in it, including the unique two- and three-storey houses, situated on two opposite hills, among abundant greenery. One legend tells the story of Bojentzi. According to it, when in 1393 the capital of the Second Bulgarian state – Tarnovo, fell under the Turkish yoke, the widowed noble-woman Bojana escaped with her children, looking for shelter. She found it in the Stara Planina mountain. This is where she lay the first stone of the village of Bojentzi, which was named after her. In the first half of the 18th century, Bojentzi developed very rapidly in social and economic respect. The local population was mainly occupied in trade of wool, leather, beeswax, honey, etc., and different crafts – smithery, furriery, homespun tailoring. Bojentzi was officially declared an architectural and historical reserve in 1964. Some of the most famous and typical historical monuments in the village are the house of Doncho Popa (Doncho the Priest), and the church Prophet Ilia.

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